Cumbria LSCB - Comments and Complaints

If you are not happy in relation to work being undertaken by the LSCB or partner agencies in Cumbria, you might want to complain about the service you are receiving, or the way you have been treated. These concerns will always be taken seriously. Details of how to make a complaint or comment are on partners websites as follows:

NHS Cumbria

If your complaint is about the outcome of a Child Protection Conference you should talk to the Chairperson of the Conference in the first instance.  If your concern remains unresolved then the LSCB has a policy on this and can be found herethis external link will open in a new window

If you would like to comment or provide feedback to the LSCB our contact details are below

Cumbria LSCB
Cumbria House
117 Botchergate


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