The Young Perspective Board

Josh:Hello my name is Josh I知 14 and from Carlisle, I joined because you can put your opinions forward, it痴 something to do to pass the time and the food is good.

Kerry:Hello my name is Kerry I am 17 years old and I really enjoy reading. I joined the shadow board to help improve things that need to be improved, and also make young people happier.

Sophie:My name is Sophie, I知 15 years old. My favourite subjects are history and art, I think its important to keep people safe in Cumbria.

Lucia:My name is Lucia and I am currently studying at 6th form. My hobbies include drama and music. I joined the LSCB shadow board because I wanted to help develop projects to keep young people safe in Cumbria.

Nathan: My name is Nathan I am 18 years old and in my spare time I like to spend a lot of time with my family I知 currently on the youth council at Furness.

Stefan:My name is Stefan, I知 17 years old, I have many hobbies such as sport, construction models and reading. I am part of the LSCB and I believe that every child should be accounted for. The reason I知 part of the LSCB is to help young people whenever possible and to make every young person happy. 

Ellie:Hi my name is Ellie and I知 currently in full time education. I joined the shadow board because I feel passionate about keeping children in Cumbria safe and entertained throughout their daily lives.

Courtney:My name is Courtney I really like art and dancing I am in year 10 and love where I am.

The Young Perspective Board September 2016

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27/09/2016 203k

Outstanding Young Citizen Award

Young Perspective Board wins 'Outstanding Young Citizen' award at Police and Crime Commissioner Community Awards


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