Cumbria LSCB - Particular Interest Groups

In addition to the core business and functions of the LSCB, we have decided, as a Board, to focus on some areas that require further or emerging focus and we have called these Particular Interests:

Early Help

It is vital that we have a clear articulation of our Early Help arrangements and that we focus significant effort on prevention as opposed to the incidence of abuse.

Chaired by: John Barrett, Cumbria Children and Family Services

Suicide and Self-Harm (Health and Wellbeing Board)

In addition to this being an area that demands our attention, suicide of a young person has been evident in previous Serious Case Reviews.

Chaired by: Dr Jane Mathieson, Public Health


We are aware that the impact of neglect can be a hugely damaging for children and young people.   Practitioners working with children and families where neglect is a factor have told us that they would welcome practice guidance to enable them to develop their knowledge and skills in this aspect of their practice.

Chaired by: Walter McCulloch, Cumbria Children and Family Services

Child Sexual Exploitation/Missing From Home

Child Sexual Exploitation can be a little known and underground activity which can take many forms from trafficking to use of social media.  There is a clear link to the risk of CSE and children who go “Missing from Home”.

Chaired by: Deborah Royston, Cumbria Children and Family Services

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