Domestic Violence Risk Identification Matrix Training for Trainers

Who this course is for

This course is aimed at experienced DA practitioners or managers with training experience. This course is to enable practitioners and managers to become part of the LSCB training pool to deliver briefing sessions on the DV RIM tool.

The outcomes of this course are;

          Explain the Home Office working definition of Domestic Violence

          Describe how domestic violence impacts on children

          Explain how domestic violence interlinks with other major risk factors e.g. mental ill heath, substance misuse and neglectful/abusive parenting

          List key statistics and research relating to domestic violence

          Explain the dynamics of Coercive Control in abusive relationships

          Demonstrate how to use the Domestic Violence Risk Identification Matrix

          Explain the relationship between cultural and faith issues ( BME) and domestic violence and other additional vulnerabilities relating to domestic abuse

          List and explain the theories underpinning the risk indictors within the risk matrix

          Explain the process for dealing with safeguarding and child protection issues raised in sessions and:-Present on one of the above objectives.

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